Septum piercing jewelry, pain and potential dangers you need to look for

The nasal septum perforation is a medical condition in which, as its name suggests, there is an abnormal hole through the said partition (nasal septum) and communicates both sides of the nostrils. Septum piercing, in another words, is a piercing through the nose. For most of the people this is a painful experience. Read more!

This condition may go unnoticed or cause various functional disorders. Only the most serious cases can cause aesthetic alterations.

Septum piercing pain

Septum piercing pain might occur in every 2 out of 3 patients. In order to understand where septum piercing pain originates we need to dive in anatomy a bit.

• A little anatomy: The nasal septum is a mixed plate of cartilage and bone and covered with mucosa (the equivalent of the skin) that divides the nostrils in half from its anterior portion, located behind the nostrils (after columella) to the rearmost open to the nasopharynx. This is really a high level picture. Although it is desirable that this film is completely lowers his rarely is acquiring some degree of deviation over the years. The integrity of the nasal septum, its central position and the absence of serious deviations are very important when working in the quantity and quality of air flow that will eventually end up in our lungs.

The turbulence created by deviations, perforations or obstructions (among others) can significantly reduce the quantity and quality of air (temperature and humidity) we breathe.

• The origin of nasal septal perforations can be very diverse. They may be traumatic (piercings, sequelae of surgery or aggressive cleaning), drug abuse (nasal decongestants) in drug use (cocaine or methamphetamines) or rare diseases such as Wegener’s granulomatosis.

• The diagnosis of nasal septal perforations are diagnosed by direct examination of the inside of the nose with the help of illumination or by an endoscope. Endoscopy also allows a more accurate all around the drilling vision, allowing the final treatment plan properly.

• The most common symptoms of nasal perforations can vary considerably by size and localización.Las small nasal perforations may be asymptomatic or produce a slight hissing during breathing. The biggest nose piercings do not usually produce noise but if associated with the presence of bleeding, crusting, difficult breathing or pressure.

• The consequences of having a perforation of the nasal septum: Especially large or untreated perforations can generate: – nasal obstruction.
– Turbinate hypertrophy.
– Nasal infections, bleeding and sinusitis.
– Saddle deformity. A nasal septum excessively weakened not be able to hold the cartilage dome above it and collapse. This creates a sunken nasal dorsum.
On this image: septum piercing

correct airflow (left) when the nasal septum is intact. turbulent airflow (right) in a perforated nasal septum.
correct airflow (left) when the nasal septum is intact. turbulent airflow (right) in a perforated nasal septum.

Other septum pain dangers

The treatment of nasal septal perforations can be surgical or nonsurgical and is usually based on the size, location and the presence of Symptoms. Septum piercing dangers include inflammation, infection and the inability to eat normally.

No drilling can be closed only with medical treatment. Some can only be achieved by the closure of a perforation of the nasal septum with a small perforations ( 2 cm should be treated surgically in the vast majority of cases).

Septum piercing jewelry

Surgical techniques designed for closing perforations typically include broad mobilization the inner lining of the nasal passages with the aim of approximating the edges of the perforation. This mobilization may include further carving. Doctors, in selected cases, use a technique based on mucosal regeneration without the need for large mobilizations flaps. This technique allows less aggressive and facilitates early as there is an internal inflammation minor recovery.
When choosing the septum piercing jewelry you need to be careful as not all septum piercing jewelry is clean and quality. While price might be lower there is a certain risk which you need to acknowledge prior to the surgery. Always buy quality septum jewerly and think twice before you buy it.


Septum piercing is a popular addition today and many youngster decide to do it. The price is usually around 30$ per piece. The surgery will cost you somewhere around 200$.


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