The Patients and the FDA Act

Sorry folks, this was supposed to go up yesterday: Happy Monday! Today’s blog post comes from our weekly posts to T1 Diabetes Cure-Global Headquarters.

An Alliance member sent us the link to the Patient’s FDA Act last week. The act would certainly help to improve the FDA process and make their often cumbersome process more transparent. This type of governance is something that the JDCA advocates be adopted by the diabetes charities to help maximize their effectiveness.

Last week, Senators Richard Burr and Tom Coburn, M.D., proposed the “Promoting Accountability, Transparency, Innovation, Efficiency, and Timeliness at FDA” Act. The proposed act wants to improve regulation of drugs and medical devices by making the FDA more accountable for its actions and more accessible to evaluation the public.

It states that “As consumers and patients, the American people have a serious interest in ensuring that FDA is accountable transparent, efficient, and making sound decisions in a timely manner as possible.” Requiring transparency and improved communication methods aims to maximize FDA effectiveness. This line of thinking is exactly what is proposed in the JDCA’s corporate governance series, “Utilizing Corporate Governance to Align Agendas” and “Improved Corporate Governance Begins with Frequency, Timeliness, and Notification.”

The JDCA believes that more timely and transparent communication by the diabetes charities to donors will help to focus research grants and operations. Many of the diabetes charities are large organizations with many different activities and priorities.

Requiring a reporting structure that helps to update donors on progress and show what is being accomplished with their donor contributions can help focus research and monitor effectiveness. It is encouraging to see this focused perspective and we certainly hope that this act is adopted.

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