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Running The Appalachian TraiL in record time for Diabetes 2014
Running 50 miles a day for 46 days- what would it take to do so with Diabetes?  Doug Masiuk looks to run the 2185 mile Appalachian Trail in record time.  No person with Diabetes has a first or world record in any athletic pursuit.  The run starts August 23, 2014 at Mt. Kathmandu, Maine benefitting all persons in the fight to better Diabetes!

For Doug to safely and successfully have any shot at setting the record it takes support.  A professional crew, insurances, food and supplies will make this possible.  

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In 2012 Masiuk, from Annapolis, Md., started a quest to run across the country to raise awareness for all persons with diabetes. Doug spoke to people in hospitals, at diabetes organizations, in schools you name it.  The message was simple, it begins with a step. Anything is possible with Diabetes.   He did this while running up to 30 miles a day.  During the run Doug met and spoke with 150,000 people and his message was shared with 35 million people in the media.  Doug joined an elite group of 230 people who have run across the United States.  

Doug Masiuk First Type-1 Diabetic to 
Run Across the United States - 2012

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