All the diabetes foundations are great at what they do and there is a reason why they inspire so much positive energy and action in the community. I have seen first-hand how motivated and determined diabetes advocates are.

However, we are still not using all that positive energy towards a focused goal. We need to be bolder and more precise. We need to set the course of action that the foundations will follow. We want everyone to live a normal, healthy and happy life free of the roadblocks of diabetes, but the only way we can see that happen is if we start making some serious progress in the research labs.

Blood sugar levels chart for view and download can be found here.

We cannot be satisfied simply with observing without a focused target (a Practical Cure) any longer – we need to change things, and I am firmly convinced that joining the JDCA offers a very strong platform for that change.

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The Patients and the FDA Act

Sorry folks, this was supposed to go up yesterday: Happy Monday! Today’s blog post comes from our weekly posts to T1 Diabetes Cure-Global Headquarters.

An Alliance member sent us the link to the Patient’s FDA Act last week. The act would certainly help to improve the FDA process and make their often cumbersome process more transparent. This type of governance is something that the JDCA advocates be adopted by the diabetes charities to help maximize their effectiveness.

Last week, Senators Richard Burr and Tom Coburn, M.D., proposed the “Promoting Accountability, Transparency, Innovation, Efficiency, and Timeliness at FDA” Act. The proposed act wants to improve regulation of drugs and medical devices by making the FDA more accountable for its actions and more accessible to evaluation the public.

It states that “As consumers and patients, the American people have a serious interest in ensuring that FDA is accountable transparent, efficient, and making sound decisions in a timely manner as possible.” Requiring transparency and improved communication methods aims to maximize FDA effectiveness. This line of thinking is exactly what is proposed in the JDCA’s corporate governance series, “Utilizing Corporate Governance to Align Agendas” and “Improved Corporate Governance Begins with Frequency, Timeliness, and Notification.”

The JDCA believes that more timely and transparent communication by the diabetes charities to donors will help to focus research grants and operations. Many of the diabetes charities are large organizations with many different activities and priorities.

Requiring a reporting structure that helps to update donors on progress and show what is being accomplished with their donor contributions can help focus research and monitor effectiveness. It is encouraging to see this focused perspective and we certainly hope that this act is adopted.

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Diet and blood sugar levels chart

How about diet?

Contrary to everybody’s beliefs, a person with diabetes can actually eat the same type of foods as that eaten by a person who doesn’t have diabetes. Having Diabetics Mellitus doesn’t mean you are restricted from the common foods that ordinary people eat. It is just a matter of minimizing the amount taken, and knowing the extent of damage that the illness has inflected on the patient’s body. Always refer to blood sugar levels chart for more information.

Quality of food

Armed with this information, the person with diabetes can determine the quantity of food to eat. He can now be aware of the kinds of food to avoid as to not inflecting more damage to his already deteriorating organs. You should remember always remember that diabetes cannot be cured, it can only be controlled. When the illness was diagnosed at the stage wherein it was already full- blown, not unless it was caught at the pre diabetes stage; in which the chances of not developing the illness into its full grown level is quite hopeful.

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Home blood sugar levels chart for measure

Everywhere you go have a blood sugar levels chart at hand

Blood sugar levels chart is an essential tool for every diabetic. You can upload it on your mobile phone or have it printed out and save it in your pocket. It is really up to you. The truth is that after some time you will be able to recall all the values from blood sugar levels chart by heart as it is not so hard to remember. The thing to remember, however, is to have a blood sugar levels chart at hand anytime.

A very important question – is Diabetes Curable In Human Beings?

It remains a question for all of us – can diabetes be cured completely? The answer is, sadly, NO. At least so far, there hasn’t been a cure that would cure up diabetes. There are only drugs that will ease the symptoms of diabetes.

This is also illustrated by hyperglycemia, which causes a disorder of the level carbohydrate, lipid, and protein metabolism, which is caused by the imperfect secretion of the amount of insulin. To see whether you are experiencing hyperglycemia you should measure your blood sugar levels and compare the values against a blood sugar levels chart.

Diabetes is divided into two types. The first type is the lack of insulin, Type I, and the second is adult onset, which is Type II. These two types of diabetes are quite dissimilar in their features and cause various serious troubles. Type 1 is more severe than type 2. See blood sugar levels chart for more details on this.

Diabetes was formerly recognized as a disorder that caused sugary urine and huge loss of body strength. The insulin secretion is decreased and, therefore, the sugar quantity in the blood increases. Diabetes is an extremely chronic malady and slowly harms the organs of our body.

Effects it has

Can diabetes be cured? This is the major question to be answered. A diabetic sufferer, in their initial stage, will show a high intensity of blood sugar and loss of the amount of sugar in the course of urine. For comparison, a blood sugar levels chart will not indicate such levels. If examined closely, blood sugar levels chart displays all possible values. Doctors are diabetes.org would agree on such evaluation, check more details on this link.

As the quantity of glucose is increased in the urine, it will result in frequent urination and as a result, this will also cause dehydration. An irrepressible thirst for water will be constantly observed in the patient. There will be weight reduction as a result of the shortage of sugar. The metabolism of lipids, proteins, and carbohydrates is affected because of the improper working of insulin. Untreated patients will experience weakness, tiredness, and weight loss in spite of an increase in the hunger. Excess of disparity in sugar level can also cause hazy vision.

Preventive measures

The impact of this syndrome is, in fact, high because the disease cannot be cured easily. It kills the patient slowly with the harm it causes to all of the organs in the body. When this disease is diagnosed, it is possible to keep it in control with the help of drugs or externally inserting insulin in our body.

A blood sugar levels chart

On the image below you can see a blood sugar levels chart, its values, recommended actions and tips.

blood sugar levels chart
blood sugar levels chart

On this image: blood sugar levels chart for adults

Can diabetes be cured? With appropriate diet charts from the specialists, the results of this ailment can be kept under control. Some reasonable exercises like jogging and morning walks can maintain the metabolism process of the body. In this way, it will help in maintaining the sugar level in the body.

Diabetes is a disease that cannot be completely cured but it may be controlled. Well controlled diabetes can provide you with a sugar level of less than 180 mg/dl after eating and 90-130 mg/dl after fasting. This is a life time problem and the single cure is a blood sugar test on a regular basis. It can be simply done at your home. This is very serious in nature, if not taken care of accurately. Extreme rise in sugar harms body organs and extreme low sugar may lead to Hyperglycemia, which can cause immediate death. Irrespective of the type of diabetes you suffer from, it cannot be cured but it can be controlled to stay healthy.

Thus, if anyone wants the positive answer of the question, “Can diabetes be cured?”, the patient must follow all the advice of the doctor so that he or she will be able to enjoy a long life, in spite of a diabetes diagnosis.

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Now Get Freedom from Diabetes from Staying Home

Diabetes mellitus (DM), also known as simply diabetes, is a familiar life-long physical condition. Diabetes is a condition where the amount of glucose in your blood becomes too high because the body cannot able to use it appropriately.

Why Diabetes Happens

Today, thousands of people are willing to use natural diabetes remedies to cure their diabetes. One may not be going to believe my word but it is a confirmed truth that one can get home remedy for diabetes. The process of curing oneself in home does not have the requirement of any drug. Though the pharmaceutical corporations and most of the esteemed universities still hold their faith that it is possible only on insulin, it is quite a known fact today that home remedy is a possibility if one is ready to alter your lifestyle by avoiding the bad family habits. In most of the cases, diabetes occurs mainly as a result of obesity, meagre diet, and idleness.

Diabetes develops mainly as a result of the reasons given earlier but sometimes, one may also have a family history of diabetes. Then one should have an increased risk of being a diabetic as opposed to the common notion that is one guaranteed of becoming one.

Home Remedy: A Possibility

Home remedy for diabetes is always a possibility if one changes in lifestyle and eradicates bad habits. First of all, to begin doing exercise is must. Physical exercises like walking, working out, swimming, and doing aerobics, etc., helps to handle the weight, enhance energy, and possibly most significantly, fights chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes. One should do these types of exercises for at least 45 minutes every day.

Drinking water is must. One should seek to drink at least 12 glasses of water each day. The body’s main chemical component is water. Water comprises about 60 percent of the body weight. All system in the body depends on water. So drinking water is must.

Apple cider vinegar is a good option when people are fighting against diabetes. Apple cider vinegar is overloaded with abundant crucial vitamins and minerals that help control blood sugar. One should mix 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water and drink before every large meal.

A healthy diet is a must if people are interested in becoming better again. It is all about healthy preferences and quantities. One must eat five to seven small meals a day rather than three big meals. Daily servings of vegetables are considered to be good.

Alfalfa, which is also loaded in vitamins and minerals, has also been revealed to normalize blood sugar levels. This as a remedy has been used in Eastern medicine since the 6th century. It has also been found to be beneficial for diabetes.

A flaxseed oil supplement is also necessary for curing diabetes and also helps to better the overall health if people are interested in home remedy for diabetes. Flaxseed oil is a huge source of omega 9 and omega 3 vital fatty acids, which are required for cellular repairing.

These are the ways in which one can find freedom from diabetes by staying home.

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Take the pledge

Take the pledge – What can be done?

The most important changes that can be made to treat pre-diabetes and prevent type 2 diabetes include small lifestyle changes.

Eating a balanced diet — Eating a balanced diet that spreads carbohydrates throughout the day (to avoid sudden spikes in blood sugar), eating foods that are low in saturated fat and high in fiber, choosing baked seafood or poultry, including vegetables in every meal, and only buy 100% whole grain bread. The leaner a person, the better. Weight loss is often the cure.

Exercising regularly – Individuals should try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday. Exercise doesn’t have to be grueling. Walking fast, gardening, or dancing would also help.

Taking medication, if required — In some cases, a health care provider might prescribe medication in addition to diet and exercise. However, an important study done in the U.S. has showed that making lifestyle changes is more effective at lowering the risk of developing type 2 diabetes than taking medication.

Smoking cessation — Smoking contributes to the early development of diabetes complications.

Monitoring blood pressure and cholesterol – An individual with pre-diabetes is one and a half times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease than someone with normal blood glucose levels.

It doesn’t matter how and when a person starts, it is important to remember that even small changes can lower the chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

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Early Symptoms of Diabetes – Diagnosing the Signs

Diabetes is a very complicated disease – debilitating and life-threatening. It is also one of the most common diseases worldwide. In the United States alone, it is estimated that around 30 million people have diabetes mellitus. Each year, nearly 1 million more are diagnosed and the numbers are growing rapidly. Most experts agree that diabetes is on the rise (mostly due to poor lifestyle and lack of exercise).

Diabetes also claims more than 400,000 lives in the U.S. annually, making it the 6th deadliest disease in the country. With gloomy statistics such as this, it becomes even more important that people learn the signs of early diabetes in order to prevent further complications.

Symptoms of early diabetes

Diabetes manifests itself gradually, which means people who have it will notice early signs and symptoms. Some of these include:

Frequent urination

A common symptom of early diabetes is the increase in the frequency of urination due to the rise in blood glucose. This is because the kidneys have to work overtime in order to purge the body of excess sugar. The problem with this is that it can lead to dehydration, which can lead to health problems.


The loss of water in the body can trigger thirst. It can also be caused by the presence of excess sugar.

Rapid weight loss

Early diabetes is often manifested through unexplained loss of weight. People with diabetes will find that even if they ate more, they won’t be able to keep the weight.


Early diabetics experience generalized body weakness because the body can no longer process glucose or sugar efficiently. As a result, the muscles do not have fuel to burn. Patients will also experience drowsiness and irritability.

Blurred vision

The rise in blood sugar levels causes changes in the fluids found in the eyes, which affects the diabetic’s vision.

Recurring infections and other physical symptoms

People who have early diabetes will experience infections of the skin, bladder and gums. Sores and cuts will also take a long time to heal. Early diabetics will also feel a numbness or tingling sensations in the feet and hands.

The importance of diagnosis

If you do have these symptoms, you might want to have yourself checked by a medical professional. A proper diagnosis is the best way to confirm if you have diabetes or not. It is also helpful in ruling out any other conditions or diseases that may be present. With the right diagnosis, early diabetes is easier to treat and manage.

A common technique for checking for early diabetes involves having the patient undergo an 8-hour fasting. Next, a small amount of blood will be extracted to be used to check for blood glucose levels. Another way to check for early diabetes is to administer a test for glucose tolerance orally. A medical professional will feed a carefully measured amount of sugar to the patient and then test his glucose levels.

Type 1 diabetes

If Type 1 diabetes is suspected, a test may be performed to check for certain antibodies that people with diabetes have. This is an important test that is often performed for early diabetes which helps reduce the risk of developing more complications caused by this disease.

Diagnosing early diabetes is critical to the success of its treatment and management. The earlier the patient knows he has the disease, the better chances he will get in ensuring that he implement the necessary changes in his diet and exercise regimen. This will help prevent the condition from worsening. Early diabetes is not reversible but diagnosing it in time and applying the appropriate treatment and management steps are critical in improving the patient’s quality of life.

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